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Zack Snyder!! Well Damn!! Justice League

Review: Zak Snyder’s Justice League… (Spoilers Fools)

Welcome to this most recent review of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Well, damn how can I review this 4-hour long adventure. First off, I could tell you about cinematography, production value, CGI usage, all types of shit but the fact remains you just want to know if it is worth it. Well let me, let you know, abso-fucking-lutely. This movie is where I feel DC needs to go in their universe or multiverse.

I was going to enter this without ever seeing the first version, that would have been a mistake. You can see all the flaws within the first one due to whatever constraints Snyder and Whedon experienced in making the first Justice League. Lord, knows there are flaws throughout that whole cut. Snyder’s version though was a long watch, never really felt too long but it needed this time so you had a better understanding of the characters in the Justice League. Especially, Cyborg who played a pivotal role within this film. Plus, multiple other flaws in the original movie, such as, cast members being introduced in the beginning of the film and then never making an appearance. (By the way Wilhelm Dafoe did an excellent job for his brief appearances). Snyder brings these entities back into the film.

So, why is the Snyder cut so different then the Whedon cut. Well, let us look at the most honest and saddest reason which is the death by suicide of Mr. Snyder’s daughter Autumn (This is a side bar just because this hits home. If you feel someone needs your help offer it without expectations because you may be the voice someone needs to get through and bring them out of their darkness). He has a lovely Dedication to his Daughter at the end of the movie. Send him love and compassion.

Secondly, let’s face it DC is dark, it is gritty, so why the Hell did they try to PG-13 this movie. I ask that question of course with sarcasm. “We want to appeal to the Audience.” “BULLSHIT.” You wanted little kids to want to watch it so you can get that money all “YOU,” studio heads. This is why I like indie a lot. Not fucking constrain by studios that want that money. If you did not know Snyder’s version is Rated “R,” (No Sex) because it is violent. There is death and decapitations, heads being crushed, murder and mayhem. This is why it is on this site. Honestly, this is my opinion and it shows how the DC Universe should be viewed. Look at your successes Batman (Burton and Nolan) dark, gritty, and almost terrifying in scenes. Huge successes. Batman Forever (Schumacher), more campy, not so successful. The way you are going to beat Marvel, DC is through your dark movies. Hell, your tv series (Arrow, Gotham, and Constantine, plus the many cartoons) which were darker were also your more successful series. Many of your animated movies that were gritty (Batman Year One, Justice League Dark) were some of my favorite animated movies, (By the way I am still waiting for Justice League Dark to be made as live action). In my opinion the R rating did better for you, than your PG-13 did with this movie.

Third and my final rant. Stop competing and acting like you are Marvel please. Marvel has a lockdown on humorous action hero movies. That is not you. The shadows and darkness in my opinion is your most powerful ally. When I looked up the time frame of the original Justice League (Whedon), it was released roughly a month before Marvel Infinity Wars was released. So, I am just guessing here (I am a production work employee) that the studios wanted it released before Marvel released theirs and told Mr. Whedon and Mr. Snyder to hurry up and get something out there before we lose this window. Fuck that!! A rush product 9 out of 10 times is not as quality as a product that you take your time with and polish. So, studios please allow future filmmakers, producers, and all members who are creating the movie to do what they have too, in order to give the vision that they desire. I say this because Snyder’s release after being polished was well worth the wait and an amazing product was born.

Those were my rants and now let us get into the nitty gritty. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! (Take a breather it was a long movie so I feel it is only right to give a long review)

Okay…You Rested…Did you get a break? Let us delve into the movie. First off, I would like to say this is my opinion and if you disagree…Good for you. If I could some up what makes Snyder’s cut better than Whedon’s cut it is Explanation. Spoiler 1: If you created a character who inevitably saves the world, you would think you would talk about his back story. Enter, Cyborg. Cyborg inevitably saves Earth from doom by hacking into a system of three boxes that when combined together turns Earth into Apokolips. So, why did you not delve into his powers and abilities in the first place. Cyborg has a sad heartfelt story of being a kind hearted, smart-jock that is complete opposite of what jock’s are viewed as in most of the world. His body was destroyed in an accident that killed his mother. Both his mother and dad were geniuses and his dad in a panic from losing his son integrated the technology/magic of one of the three boxes with his son. Inevitably making his son a walking computer that is in a constant state of evolution. (I expect many Cyborg costumes this year). Using his abilities, he separates the three boxes from one another to stop the destruction sequence of Earth. The other characters within this movie were defending him from the enemy so he could save the world. Now, why would you not include that story in your movie knowing he will save the world.

Next, on my list of ruining this movie for you. All of you, older generation people may remember the Justice League cartoon. In that there was one being who pretty much was the strategist and ran the Justice League space station. Spoiler 2: Martian Man-Hunter makes his debut in two scenes. You want to know who else made an appearance…Darkseid, Grandma Goodness, Deathstroke, and of course The Joker. Jared Leto reprises his role briefly at the end, after a future is shown where Earth has been destroyed by Superman and a team consisting of Flash, Deathstroke, Joker, Cyborg, and Minerva appear. Yes, finally, they are building the DCU. Also making an appearance is a Superman with a Black Suit on. Honestly, looks better than the blue, yellow, and red.

Several, other things were explained within this movie. A war between multiple beings facing off against Darkseid and his troops takes place where you see a beautiful battle between Darkseid versus humans, Amazons, Lanterns (Yes, a Green Lantern Appears), the Gods of Olympus, Atlanteans and many more to stop the destruction of Earth. Where the Mother Boxes (The magical boxes that can destroy the world appear) and you learn of how each race; the Amazons, Humans, and Atlanteans acquired these boxes that Steppenwolf is acquiring to turn Earth into an Apokolips world where Darkseid and his minions can rule over the world.

Another thing in this movie that is explored is how fast Flash is, he could cause static to make an electrical charge by running, as well as, reverse time briefly by running quick enough to change Laws of Nature. However, in an epic battle where the Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash are fighting Superman, the Flash runs fast towards Superman while Superman is holding on against Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Superman can see him coming as Superman’s eye slowly focuses on Flash which shocks Flash. However, Flash dodges all of Superman’s blows so inevitably showing that Flash is faster than Superman. The other characters were a great support in this story to one another and you see their true powers come to light in this story.

What else can I say about this movie but go watch it. It is a long watch that does not ever seem like it is over stepping its welcome. The battle scenes are epic and the story is well done. It is a lovely entrance to a dark DC Universe I want to explore. The mere fact that you can just understand what is happening in Snyder’s world overshadows the flaws in the original world. It is a good watch and you may need to take a few breaks but it is worth it.

--Reviewed by Professor Timore

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