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The Asylum Horror Show: Thank Your For Your Participation and Support

It Was Our Pleasure…


First off, that needed to be said. It is with great honor and a humble heart that we thank all of our participants in The Asylum Horror Show’s, (first ever) Film Festival. You should be proud of yourselves as we are honored that you allowed us to see your art.

It has been tough, this past year but you all pulled through. The judges as well as myself were waiting in anticipation for this event. We are a group of dedicated horror fanatics that always have dreamed about hosting an event such as this, for all you lovely indie horror movie makers. Our backgrounds are diverse, but the thing we hold in common is a love for horror.

Our panel of judges consisted of actors, bloggers, effects artist, producers, and directors. So, all of us have some insight in what makes a good movie and what can be improved on, to make a movie better. And we are willing to admit how entertaining this was, so thanks once again.

What you guys did for us is amazing! The Asylum Show received films from all across the world. No, literally across the fucking world. We had movies from United States, Italy, Moldova, Israel, France, need I go on. I mean WOW! We never thought that would happen. United by horror, who would have thunk it. The different cultural perspectives you brought were amazing. We had movies that consisted of possessions, serial killers, and zombies. We saw comedy, sci-fi, and just out and out mind fuckery. Some villains we liked and some heroes we hated. But you really just want to know about Judgement.


Where do you stand you wonder? Well, all of you for putting yourselves out, there you should all stand tall. But to give you the knowledge on why we decided where you landed in the scheme of things, we used 9 categories and one overall rating on how all these elements combined to make a cohesive movie. The categories are: 1. Originality/Creativity, 2. Direction, 3. Writing, 4. Cinematography, 5. Performances, 6. Production Value, 7. Pacing, 8. Structure, 9. Sound/Music, and 10. Overall Score. Based on these scores we rated the best of the best.

Once again, we thank you and I hope you enjoy the show.

The showtime is April 17th through April 21st, with awards given out on April 22nd. Join us and buy your tickets at:

--Professor Timore


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