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Our Champion: The House at the End of the Forest

The House at The End of The Forest

We are honored to review our winner for Best Full Feature Film, presented by Asylum Horror News, “The House at the End of the Forest.” This psychological horror/thriller is our winner, that tells a unique story about a woman battling her demons everyday after a vicious attack.

Astrid ran off to the city, to escape her abusive mother, leaving her sister behind. During Christmas Astrid alone in her home is putting up her Christmas tree while talking to her sister over the phone. When all of the sudden she is viciously attacked. Nearly dying at the hospital, she is brought back to life by an AED and lays peacefully as her sister stands waiting for Astrid to come out of her coma. The doctor suggest it is up to Astrid to make a full recovery.

A few weeks later Astrid arrives at a home in the woods to spend time with her sister and mother to help heal her from the trauma she received. The day went on as good as any day could, but as the night arrives Astrid is attacked once again in the house. There is much more to this story than meets the eye, however I did not want to give spoilers away so I decided to leave it here so you can enjoy the film.

This film has a unique story about an unfortunate soul in a constant battle through her life. Everyday does not get any easier for her but she does not give up and continues fighting as everyone should do. The movie brings you into an interesting world that shows no end in sight and for this amazing story and all-around film it was awarded our grand prize. Congratulations to you and hopefully we will see more of your stories come to life.

--Reviewed by Professor Timore, our final review has been completed. This was an amazing experience for all of us at Asylum Horror News and thank you for your participation. Until next time thank you.

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