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Not The Carrot...Ow: Jack Frost Reviewed

Jack Frost

Directed by Michael Cooney

Written by Jeremy Paige, Michael Cooney

“Looks like Christmas came a little early this year. Well, I hope it was good for you hone. Oh, I must remember to send flowers” --Scott MacDonald (Jack Frost)

I am not sure where this idea came from but I must say I am glad they made it. My assumption was that the writers of this movie were sitting around on a snowy wintery day, drinking and either tripping or getting high when one turns to the other and said, “Hey, you know what would be scary but cool. A serial killing snowman.” Thus, it begins.

Do not get me wrong I like this movie for the trash it exhibits which makes it perfect. I enjoyed it but I have no idea how it came to be. “Jack Frost,” is a movie about a serial killer who got busted by a sheriff in a small town. The sheriff charged him and testified against him therefore pissing the killer off. The killer Jack Frost (Scott MacDonald), then swore his revenge on the town if he could get away. Well during a late-night transport through the sheriff’s Jack Frost (MacDonald) killed an officer then caused an accident freeing him of his bonds. In which he proceeded to kill the other officers until a government vehicle carrying a substance that covered Jack (MacDonald) causing him to melt in the snow. He had become the snow itself and decided to take revenge on the sheriff and his town.

So, Jack (MacDonald), has crazy superpowers once he turned into a snowman. These consisted of him having the ability to turn from solid to liquid and gas like water. He can shoot ice sickle missiles at people and remove parts of his body at will, in which he uses all these abilities as a way to kill his victims or you know have sex with them with his carrot nose and then killing them. The movie as a whole is cheesy and ridiculous which I think that was what the writers and director were planning. This is a horror movie that does not take itself seriously and that is why it works as a random cult guilty pleasure movie. Or just to watch as background noise. It was Shannon Elizabeth Fadal’s debut in film as she plays a love interest and a victim of murder/carrot rape in the tub and then she went on to “American Pie.” But the movie is enjoyable as long as you do not take it seriously. Not to mention as a funny reflection on video rentals in the 90s in which some parents mistakenly picked up this movie instead of “Jack Frost,” with Michael Keaton, which was a family movie. I bet those parents did not know what to do.

Reviewed by Professor Timore

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