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Asylum Reviews The Winners of the Film Fest

Congratulations to all of our participants. Your films were excellent and it has been our pleasure in hosting the amazing event. The next several review articles are for you our champions. Hope you enjoy and thank you for your participation.

This article goes to our Co-Winners in Best Short and Actors. Congratulations to "Fire on the Mountain," and "Cruel Tales, Friday Kills," for Best Short Film. As well as, Matthew Courson ("Family History") and Vincent Sarowatz our Co-Winners for Best Actor:

Fire on the Mountain

A party has begun within the mountain. A township gathers for a festival in celebrating the sacrifices they had made to satiate the evil demon within the mountain. However, deep within the forest upon the mountain a young lady writes her final words as she wraps the noose around her neck. She refers to herself as the offering and without regret she decides to hang herself. However, the rope breaks free and knowing her sacrifice was not accepted she charges toward a cave atop the mountain to battle and evil that has tortured her township for years.

This Co-Winner for Best Short was a beautifully filmed piece that portrayed one’s ultimate sacrifice for the betterment of the collective whole. Laura Beth decided to kill herself so that she could quench the evil thirst that has damaged her town in years past. When she was unworthy, she decided to attack the evil to hopefully destroy it in hopes of protecting her community. The filming was beautifully done. The music provided a hopeless tone for all the people of the town. The battle within the caves was filmed well and over all a beautifully made movie. Thank you for allowing us to watch your story come to life.

Cruel Intentions, Friday Kills

Interrupted while cleaning up the mess left behind from their latest double homicide, a couple is greeted by a group of 5 business men and women. The group had booked the hostel in advance and out of fear of being caught and the money offered the couple accepts their guest into the hostel. The meeting of these business savvy persons, was to decide where their business must go. Sacrificing many of their associates until ten of their most trustworthy are left. The owner of the business gives them one night to make the decision.

The co-winner of Best Short and Winner of Best Special FX is way more than meets the eye. It is a story that begins simple enough than becomes something more intense. A rape leads to a murder, a murder leads to more sacrifices, and murderous intent unlocks a friendship. The story was filmed well and the twist comes early. It is a movie that catches you off guard at first and then as you watch you can’t wait to see what happens next. The violence and gore will help you become more involved with the movie than turning away. In the end the bad guys seem good while the “Good Guys,” become bad. Thank you for a twisted tale that all the judges enjoyed.

What It Takes

Are you willing to abandon everybody you ever cared about for a job? Vincent Sarowatz our Co-Winner for best actor is willing to do such a thing. Vincent plays a man set on becoming a creature of the night. He wants to be an immortal so he could live in his own state of bliss for a long time. However, to do this he must convince a vampire to allow him in her brood.

This story is an “Interview with a Vampire,” in the modern world. Sarowatz character found a platform online where he began to talk with a real vampire. Excited about this he was invited to her home to see if he was worthy to be one. An intense interview ensues where we see the true dark nature of Sarowatz’s character as he tries so desperately to become a creature of the night.

Family History

Guilt surrounds “Sam,” played by Matthew Courson as he brings his boyfriend home to meet his father. Sam’s boyfriend notices that Sam is not acting like he usually does as they walk towards Sam’s house from the dock on the lake. As they enter the home the uneasiness of Sam increases as he gives the tour to his boyfriend. Little did his boyfriend know that Sam has a secret, a secret that will change their relationship forever.

Matthew Courson did an excellent job at playing a truly saddened person. His acting brought the character to life and made us feel “Sam’s,” guilt as the story progressed. And for this he has become the Co-Winner of our Best Actor Award. So, keep it up and hopefully we will see more coming from you in the future.

--Reviewed by Professor Timore with gratitude for our participants

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