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Asylum Reviews Our Winners 3

The last of these short, very well done stories will follow. Thank you for your support.


Have you ever wondered how much enjoyment a serial killer can get from his trophies? This movie gives it to you with such a creepy avail that you feel bad watching. This well put together movie is our Winner for Best Editing.

A young handsome singer (serial killer) seduces his female fans into spending a night with him and then murdering them. His latest victim discovers his dark secret. As he takes a picture of her, she seems confused, but little did she know he was setting her up for the kill. Seeing the glee it brings him as he looks through his album of Polaroids of past kills is disturbing.

The Phantom Firebird

This Two-Time Winner from Asylum Horror Film Festival is a beautiful piece. It won for best cinematography and music. Though some may not consider this a horror movie you can never know that to be true. The story keeps just enough secrets hidden from you that you can make your own decisions about the chase.

The beautiful setting and filming of this film was if anything a good ride. The story of a mystery firebird running from a beat-up old truck does not seem like much but as you watch these cars come to life you realize there is more than meets the eye. Abandon for years a firebird is discovered in a barn where it comes to life and calls upon its master to get behind the wheel for one more grand chase.

Save Me

A victim awakens to claim the soul of her assailant. All in a day’s work for a demon collector played by Laci Austen “The Victim,” and winner of Best Villain. Her cold stare and casualness towards the destruction of a human soul, sticks her right up there, as a terrible entity who gives no fucks.

Two men were hired to murder a girl they knew nothing about, only there for the job. As the men go to dispose of the body, hallucinations run rampant. One man becomes tormented by this entity who wants to claim his soul. Dawning the body of the victim, this entity aims to have the man kill himself so the soul can be his to claim. Its power is strong and every second is a struggle for this man to hold on to his sanity.

--Reviewed by Professor Timore, we are so glad you helped make this festival a success.

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