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Asylum Horror Show Winners Part Two

Thank you all for your participation.

Under the Surface

Our winner for Best Sci-Fi Horror falls generously on this movies shoulder. It is a story of your average person after a long day. He relaxes at home. Our protagonist is watching television when the power goes out and a splash occurs outside his home. He goes to figure out what was going on, when he sees a body floating in his pool. He runs to help and as he reaches in for the rescue he is grabbed by a beastly arm and pulled into his pool. Swimming in desperation he pulls himself to land but it is a beach where shadows stare at him from the intense dark.

Sound and filming were brilliantly used in this intense multi-dimensional thriller in which a person trying to help gets pulled into a darker dimension. The story was unique and creative. The ending worked well and was a good way to wrap up the story. Acting and cinematography was used well to cause a sense of intensity and fear. It was a great sci-fi story and well played for being a short. Thank you for this interdimensional thriller.

Diverged in A Bleak Woods

Bravo to these students who made this film. It was a tense ride. The cinematography was good. The music was haunting and helped relay the intensity. Both the victims and the villain were portrayed well. So, congratulations on your win for Best Student Film.

We follow a young man deep in the forest. Unknowing why he is there, he looks lost. Then night flashes quickly and within the silence of the woods a sound is heard. The young man goes to investigate only to be met with a quick glance of someone running fast past him in the woods. He chases after the figure only to find two people tied up and scared.


What can I say about our Winner for Best Writer? The story and title are the exact reason why we voted for this terrifying movie. The dark setting provides a creepy setting for the movie to take place. It is a dark and eerie apartment complex, combined with the chilling storm, provides us with enough uneasiness to have us on our seats before the real horror begins.

Imagining the power, you could have in writing a story that as you write is coming true. Similar to “Death Note,” and “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” This movie has two writers trying to one up each other when it comes to scare factor and horror. The two protagonists write stories. The stories progress in real life and each writer becomes a victim within the story.

--Reviewed By Professor Timore. Thank you for your hard work.

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