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Asylum Horror Reviews Best Actress: "Bad Candy"

Bad Candy

Welcome to the second most magical night of the year, Halloween. Let us introduce to you Chilly Billy, DJ of Psychotronic Radio, as he welcomes you to this horror anthology on Halloween Night. He begins with a couple of stories to warn you of the dangers that lurk around every corner during this Hellish Night including vampires, witches, serial killers, and the defender of the holiday night “Bad Candy.”

We begin this tale with a young magic user. She is an artist by heart and her creations are more alive than one can believe. As she puts her final touches on a most peculiar jester named “Bad Candy,” the real magic begins. Racing to meet her friends at a treehouse, they put the final touches on their costumes to go out into the wilds of their local neighborhood for trick or treating. But before they go, they are greeted with a brat who begins to smash their pumpkins for no reason. This kid spoils the holiday for others just because he can and Mr. “Bad Candy,” will not stand for it.

We now move into a disturb old man who feels it is fun to cause harm to the trick or treaters, as he places razor blades in candy and cupcakes. He sits in wait like a predator in the night when he hears a knocking on the door. Little Red Riding Hood greets with a most gracious trick or treat, the twisted old man smiles as he gives her and her mother a treat fit for nightmares. However, as the young girl leaves the house of this old man. A familiar jester appears before her eyes as she trips. The razor blade infested cupcake falls to the ground. Just then, the jester crushes the cupcake she most graciously accepted from that despicable old man, he then approaches the home of this disturbed man. What happens to this old asshole is well deserved.

As we continue to go through this show, we are greeted with Abbie our winner for Best Actress, Haley Leary. A true beauty in her own right, just a little more disturbing than that girl next door. A mortician by trade just looking for Mr. Right in a world of wrongs. This necrophiliac has a pension for a cold stiff more than a warm body. And Ms. Haley Leary played the part disturbingly well. But when the stiffs become a little to mobile Abbie has nowhere to go.

These are just a few of the stories this creative production included in this movie. Both well written and disturbing this horror anthology has a bit of everything in it. It is a Halloween treat that will play tricks with your mind.

--Reviewed by Professor Timore, Thank you for your participation and CONGRATULATIONS Haley Leary.

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