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Asylum Horror Fest Winners!

Special thanks to all the amazing filmmakers from around the globe. Congrats on your wins and check your emails.

Best Feature $2000

The House at the End of the Forest (WINNER)

Runner up Semifinalist: Sebastiana: The Curse

Best Short Film $1000

-All of our votes kept coming to a tie so we decided to split the winner here for Best Short Film between Fire on the Mountain and Cruel Tale, Friday Kills.

Fire on the mountain ($500) (WINNER)

Cruel Tale, Friday Kills ($500) (WINNER)

Best Comedy Horror

Were-Wool (WINNER)

Best Sci Fi

Under the Surface (WINNER)

Best Student Film

Diverged in a bleak wood (WINNER)

Runner Up: Bump in the Night

Best Writer

Script- Piero Cannata (WINNER)

Best Editing

Backstage (WINNER)

Best Special Fx

Cruel Tale, Friday Kills (WINNER)

Best Music

The Phantom Firebird (WINNER)

Best Cinematography

The Phantom Firebird (WINNER)

Best Actor

What It Takes Vincent Sarowatz (WINNER)

Family History - “Sam” Matthew Courson (WINNER)

Best Actress

Haley Leary - “Bad Candy” (WINNER)

Best Villain (Sponsored by FilmFave) $200

Save Me

"Laci Austin" (WINNER)

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