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A Hairband Zombie?: Zombie Nightmare


Directed by Jack Bravman and John Fassano

Written by John Fassano

“They close this place up late often, officer. If you know what I mean… --Janitor Joe (Charles Biddle Sr.)

I happened upon this “Zombie Nightmare,” half asleep and waiting to go to bed. I saw the movie show up on one of my many services and said, “What the hell?” Then I turned it on and was dumbfounded. Is it a great movie, “No,” and amazing story “Not really?” But will it keep my attention “Let us see.”

The credits were pretty much no names except all of the sudden, Adam West and Tia Carrera. Well, now that is interesting. I thought. Interesting yes but definitely low budget and the only ones who did anything after this movie were those two actors/actresses. What is “Zombie Nightmare,” you may ask, and I should tell you, a low budget horror revenge movie with practical effects and a story that is just there to give a reason to kill awful teenagers.

The movie starts off at a baseball practice where a son cheers for his father the coach of the team. Molly Mokembe (Manuska Rigaud) is watching the game. After it ends two punk teens follow her down the street to rape her. But the coach is, to the rescue. He saves her but at the cost of his life. Years later the son now older is a baseball player and also a person tries to protect people from harm, like his father. His name is Tony Washington (John Mikl Thor). After he protects a convenient store owner from getting robbed. He wonders outdoors to go back home. Where some punk teens who were causing problems and getting drunk run him over, killing him instantly. Terrified they drove away. However, Tony’s (Thor) mother finds out that her sound was killed. She was distraught and did not want her son to die and vain. So, she takes him to Mokembe (Rigaud) because she owes Tony’s (Thor) mother a favor for her husband protecting her when she was younger. Mokembe (Rigaud) now a voodoo priestess, pays it in kind. After a voodoo ritual is performed Tony (Thor) is brought to life as a zombie. Mokembe (Rigaud) releases him to get his revenge on those who did him wrong. Including the men who attacked Mokembe (Rigaud) when she was younger. One happens to be a police chief named Churchman played by Adam West.

That sums up the plot. Now what do I think of this movie. Well, the acting was terrible. The effects were limited but nice for the time. One kid even almost is extremely proud of murdering someone and he is supposed to be in high school, as well as, willing to rape a college student. Not to mention you must understand the time of the movie, I guess. When Mr. West mentions where Mokembe (Rigaud) lives he says it is in the black part of town in the most condescending way. I know that is a product of the time but why did they have to mention it. Anyway, it was definitely something to watch. Not sure what? But something to watch. However, with more money and a lot of help. You could make this movie into something better. Every time I watch these B movies from the 80s, I just wonder how I could make it better. Oh, well. If you want some cheese with Adam West and Tia Carrera go head and watch this movie. If anything, you might enjoy the music as a reminder of rocking hair bands of the 80s.

--Reviewed by Professor Timore

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